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Discover the perfect piece of ethically sourced and expertly crafted jewellery for special occasions in Georgina Yvonne’s exclusive collection. Elevate your style for special occasions with meticulously crafted pieces, including stunning 18ct gold stud earrings, elegant signet rings, enchanting lockets, and more. Based in London, Georgina Yvonne brings years of expertise in handcrafting luxury 18 carat yellow, white gold and platinum jewellery, showcasing a fusion of technical mastery and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Each piece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, meticulously created using ethically sourced premium materials, making Georgina Yvonne’s women’s jewellery a captivating addition to any collection, all the while all orders being shipped for free across the UK.


Explore Georgina Yvonne's Wonderland Collection, with the highest craftmanship and intricate detail. Wonderland is designed to promote positive mental health. It's enchanting scenes are Georgina's hand-drawn sketches that show a magical, incredible world full of butterflies, swooping vines, soaring birds - a beautiful, perfect paradise. The soaring birds represent freedom, an indicator that you can free yourself of your negative thoughts. The twisting vines represent life’s twists and turns, and the vivid, intricate craftsmanship represents the importance of you and your life. Butterflies are a symbol of hope and new beginnings - it is never too late to create the life you always envisioned, and this Collection reminds you of that. We offer free delivery on all pieces, and guaranteed delivery in 4-6 weeks for all Wonderland pieces marked made to order.

UK Delivery guaranteed in 4-6 weeks from date of purchase, plus option to spread your payments using Klarna at checkout.

International shipping timeframes will vary.

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