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Gemstone and Diamond Ethical Sourcing

Georgina Yvonne Diamonds
Georgina Yvonne Garnets

While Georgina loves to experiment with a range of gemstones, she most commonly works with garnet and diamonds as these are featured in her current and upcoming engagement ring designs. 

So to begin with, why garnets?


 Well, Georgina absolutely loves the symbolism of them - garnets symbolise love, friendship and commitment. Garnets are also safe to wear everyday, making them an excellent choice for engagement rings as they withstand the trials of time. Garnet is also the birthstone for January, for all the January babies out there!

And why diamonds? 

I'm sure when you think of an engagement ring, your mind automatically goes to diamonds! For hundreds of years, diamonds have been the centre pieces of engagement rings, and rightly so! Diamonds are 10 on the MOHS scale (which means they are the toughest stone, and will without a doubt withstand the test of time). 


Diamonds also offer the maximum sparkle and light return of any stone - who can resist a bit of sparkle!

However, for Georgina, the number one best thing about diamonds is that they can be lab grown. Lab grown diamonds are typically a more ethical alternative to natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural diamonds, just instead of being mined from the ground, lab grown diamonds are created under high pressure and temperature in a controlled environment. 

Georgina's Gemstones

How Are Garnets and Diamonds Ethically Sourced?

In sourcing garnets, Georgina makes sure to only source from local, trusted suppliers who offer an ethics statement and are renowned in the industry for their ethical sourcing. It is very important to Georgina that she only works with gemstone suppliers that are passionate about the same causes as her, and who wish to aid in improving the industry's ethical standards. 

In terms of diamonds, for now Georgina is working only with lab grown diamonds, as these are the most ethical choice. Georgina works with a trustworthy company based locally in Hatton Garden, London, who helps her source lab grown diamonds from trusted suppliers overseas. All lab grown diamonds are certified, and you will receive an IGI certificate with your order. The IGI certificate will typically include details of the diamond, such as colour, clarity, carat weight and cut (the 4Cs). 

Georgina is happy to answer any questions you may have about your diamond's origin - please get in touch if you require any additional info on origin or ethics.

Georgina Yvonne Diamonds
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