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Repurposing Initiative

Georgina Yvonne Wonderland 'Utopia' Yellow Gold Signet Ring


Give your old jewellery a new lease of life with Georgina Yvonne’s Reclaim option. If you have old jewellery, or parts of old jewellery, that you would like to upcycle, reach out to Georgina and we can begin designing your new piece with you. This is a great bespoke method for recycling your old jewellery, and is a very welcomed challenge for Georgina. As a jewellery designer, some of the most exciting and creative concepts arise from upcycling initiatives - even if you are struggling to come up with an idea for an upcycled jewellery piece, Georgina can work with you in creating moodboards and design ideas that inspire your creativity.


If you would like to discard your old gold or silver jewellery without transforming them into a new design, Georgina encourages you to send your discarded jewellery to her! Georgina will melt down your old gold or silver, which will then be recycled into Georgina’s production. This means your discarded jewellery will:


  • Get a new lease of life no matter what!

  • Aid in creating a more ethical jewellery industry 


To reclaim or reycle your jewellery using Georgina Yvonne’s Repurposing Initiative, send Georgina an email at

Georgina Yvonne Wonderland 'Enchanted Forest' Yellow Gold Pear Toi et Moi Engagement Ring
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