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Dive into the world of Georgina Yvonne Engagement Rings, crafted with love and care, to last a lifetime and more. Featuring lab grown diamonds, natural diamonds, and garnets, Georgina Yvonne engagement rings are designed to give you comfort, longevity, and intricate, unique design. Whether it’s an engagement ring or piece of jewellery, we are committed to delivering a masterpiece that not only reflects your individuality but also captures the essence of your special moments. Ordering engagement rings with Georgina Yvonne means that you benefit from GIA/IGI diamond certification with your order, a lifetime warranty, art prints to detail your design journey, and discounts for the future. For all our items we offer finance options to make your purchases more affordable, allowing you to spread the cost of our collections across several smaller payments and still purchase your dream bespoke jewellery. Please allow 5 working days for delivery of your ready to ship ring. For alternative specs (different diamond clarity/colour), please contact Georgina for a quote at

UK Delivery guaranteed in 5 working days, plus option to spread your payments using Klarna at checkout. International shipping timeframes will vary.

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