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Who Is Georgina?

Georgina Yvonne Jewellery Designer

Georgina is a Scottish jewellery designer now living just outside London, with a great passion for jewellery making and creating art. 

Georgina has a decade of experience in the jewellery industry, and has very quickly made a name for herself in her new Director/Designer own brand role.

When creating her jewellery, Georgina draws on personal experience in an effort to advocate for mental health awareness, and inspire through her work. 

Georgina Yvonne
Was Created

Georgina Yvonne was created to fuse together meticulously crafted luxury jewellery with a strong message of empowerment, positivity and strength. 

Georgina wants her brand to encompass everything she believes in. Her priority is to speak openly about mental health awareness, and advocate for creativity and art as a means of encouraging a healthy mindset. 

Georgina is not only particular about creating detailed art pieces, but is also incredibly diligent when it comes to the work produced. Georgina's jewellery is of the finest and highest quality.

Georgina Yvonne 'Bed of Roses' Earrings
Georgina Yvonne 'Ivy' Engagement Ring, 18ct yellow gold hexagon garnet twist band engagement ring

Georgina In The Industry

Georgina excelled in Art and Design in school, before going on to explore various jewellery creation courses. 

Georgina also advanced her knowledge by studying a jewellery design course at University of Arts London, and completed Diamond Essentials and Coloured Stone courses at the Gemological Institute of America. 

Georgina is proud to have worked in the industry for a decade now, and has been fortunate enough to work for incredible jewellery companies prior to starting her own brand. Georgina has worked with some of the best in the industry, with a strong focus on production, design, and sales.  

Georgina's Director

Having now established her own brand, Georgina takes on a multi-faceted role as company director, creative strategist, designer and principal sales consultant. Innovation, high craftsmanship, and intricate detail is at the heart of Georgina's designs, and brings new, exciting and one of a kind concepts to the jewellery industry. 

Georgina Yvonne Jewellery
Georgina Yvonne UK Jewellery Awards 2024

The Story So Far

Since launching Georgina Yvonne, Georgina is proud to let you know that her collection, Wonderland, won her the award for 'Emerging Brand' in Professional Jeweler's Collections Of The Year Competition in December 2023. Georgina has also been shortlisted for two awards at The UK Jewellery Awards 2024 - Emerging Brand and Emerging Jewellery Designer

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