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Georgina Yvonne Wonderland 'Bed of Roses' Platinum Sapphire Stud Earrings

Wonderland 'Bed of Roses' Platinum Sapphire Stud Earrings

3 050,00£Prix

Platinum 'Bed of Roses' Stud Earrings from Georgina Yvonne's 'Wonderland' Collection, featuring rose detail and swooping vines.


Available as made to order. 


The Bed of Roses Earrings are a glimpse into the Wonderland world, showing swooping vines and beautiful rose detail. They also feature little blue sapphires dotted around the 'wreath'. The roses represent love, and Georgina's hope for this is that you can relate this to self love or the love that you share with a partner who has helped you through difficult times. The swooping vines are symbolic of finding peace of mind within nature - Georgina prides a great deal of her healing, not only on creating art, but also on spending time with nature, on forest walks and getting out into the sunshine.


These earrings also feature 12 1.5mm blue sapphires. 

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