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It's important to know how to care for your jewellery, and, following your purchase from Georgina Yvonne, I will always recommend you give this page a read to help you care for your treasures. However, if your jewellery requires a professional clean, please don't hesitate to get in touch at

caring for silver

As of right now, all pieces in the Georgina Yvonne shop are primarily made in silver (however, can be cast in bronze or gold by request), so silver care is by far the most important topic. 




  • Silver jewellery can tarnish, so regular cleaning with your polishing cloth (free in every order) will help keep your jewellery sparkly; however, it can also be helpful to clean your jewellery in warm water with a little bit of fairy liquid. You can gently scrub this with a very soft toothbrush, but please don't scrub too hard as silver is a very soft metal and scratches may form. 


  • ​It's best not to swim or shower with your jewellery on 

  • Try your best to avoid contact with chemicals, such as perfumes - accessorise last, not first!




  • Sunlight and heat are not your friends when storing silver jewellery - try to keep your jewellery in a cool, dark trinket box away from any moistures. 

  • A sealed bag is an even better way to store silver jewellery as this minimises contact with oxygen, which can increase tarnishing over time.

  • Try to keep your silver jewellery separate from any other metals, particularly those with a high copper content. 




  • Silver is a relatively easy metal to keep clean and sparkly. Following these steps will make your life a lot easier and will prevent tarnishing over time; however, you do not need to be cleaning your silver every week. Clean your jewellery when you can - just don't leave it years on end! And if your jewellery has accumulated some scratches over time, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange to have the jewellery polished professionally to buff out some of those imperfections!

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