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I love creating bespoke pieces and would love to hear your thoughts if you would like to create something special!

The design process is carried out in three stages :

Initial Design 
This is where ideas are gathered, either through creating moodboards, drawing up sketches and creating digitial design mockups. All artwork will be presented to you in a portfolio and this is yours to keep, free of charge! I think it's important to see the design process, and have the artwork as a keepsake - something you can look back on and makes the design process all the more special!

Wax Carving

This is where we start to put the design into motion! I can create a wax carving for you and alter this as needed until we create the perfect mould! 

Final Design

Once we have finalised your wax carving, we will go ahead and cast this. I will share images of your design fresh from the casting house, and will keep you updated throughout the polishing and filing process. Once filed and polished, your piece will be ready for hallmarking. Hallmarking is required by law on precious metals and will takes approx 1 week to complete. However this is the very final stage and once this is completed, your bespoke design will be all yours!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or if you have any questions about the bespoke process, please feel free to reach out at

georgina yvonne


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