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I always welcome bespoke requests as these are one of my favourite ways of making jewellery. I love creating something incredibly personal for the customer, and something that they will keep close to their heart and treasure forever.


Please take a look below at my process for bespoke requests, and if this sounds like something for you, please contact or contact me via instagram.


wax casting

This is simply an informal chat about what kind of piece you would like. We will work together to establish an idea of the shape, size and design of your jewellery. 


I will usually then create a series of rough sketches so we can finalise a few specific design ideas (I will draw up about 6 and we can narrow it down to 2 or 3). It is at this point that I will usually begin to ask about material. I am able to cast in bronze, silver and gold (all 100% recycled) so the choice is completely up to you. It is important to note that choice of material will affect the cost i.e. gold will be more expensive than silver, for example. A ring, on the other hand, may be better to make from sheet metal as oppose to wax. Based on your chosen design, we can discuss these options. I will always make you aware of every step of the process and can explain, at length, which option will best suit your design.



If we have decided your jewellery will be made through wax casting, I will create 2-3 wax castings for you to give you the best look at how your jewellery will turn out. Wax is very easy to alter, so this will give us the perfect opportunity to not only pick your favourite design, but to also change any part of your design. Sometimes, although you might love the idea as a sketch, when it comes to seeing the real thing, you may want to tweak and alter a few elements. 

At this point, I will be able to quote you on your designs. I will also ask if you would like a chain included, and if so, the material and length. I will also ask if you would like any personalised engraving. I will be able to quote within 1 hour after finalising your design choices, and will quote you on each individual design. I will be able to include all factors in the quote except, for example, if you would like a high polish on your design (which can be decided after seeing the final wax outcome) or if you change your mind and request an engraving or chain/different chain later on in the process. This will add slightly to the cost of the bespoke. At this point, I will also be able to answer questions about production and delivery timeframes.

casting West 1 Casting


bespoke jewellery, hallmarking, personalised engraving



Once we have tweaked and altered your final design, and you are 100% happy with the outcome, I will then send this piece for casting. Casting normally takes 2-4 days; however, due to lockdown and COVID implications on business hours and reduced staff, this timeframe may extend slightly. I will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process, letting you know when this has gone to casting and letting you know when returned. Once this is back in my hands, I will polish your jewellery up at the bench. My pieces, particularly casted pieces, tend to have a more texturised finish. If you would like a high polish finish, this can be achieved, but an extra 3-4 days will be needed to complete this.


By law, all precious metal jewellery must be hallmarked at an official assay office. I currently use Edinburgh Assay Office. The hallmarking process will add approximately 1 week to delivery time, but the cost of this will be included in the initial quote given to you. This is also where your bespoke piece will be engraved (if you have selected the option of personalised engraving). 

Once the piece has returned from hallmarking/engraving, this will be ready to deliver to you. I will take payment through bank transfer or through PayPal before sending to your chosen delivery address. Your bespoke will be sent on special delivery (for next day delivery) and I will forward the tracking number to you. In one day's time, you should receive your beautiful bespoke piece, tailored specifically to you! I will of course follow up, and make sure it's as perfect as you imagined! With bespokes, I would really appreciate your feedback on both the piece and the bespoke process so please feel free to leave a review or post a snap to your instagram and tag me! Your order will, of course, include a free polishing cloth to keep your bespoke super sparkly, but please also check out the jewellery care section of my website which details specific ways to store and care for your jewellery. 


bespoke pendant, bespoke jewellery



Thanks for submitting!

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