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What Is 'Wonderland'

Georgina Yvonne Enchanted Forest Ring Design

Wonderland is a jewellery collection designed to talk openly about mental health. The Collection explores the twists and turns of being in the depths of depression and anxiety. In creating this collection, Georgina paid attention to the design, the message, the colour arrangement, and the symbolism to convey her message. The Wonderland Collection’s enchanting scenes are Georgina's hand-drawn sketches that show a magical, incredible world full of butterflies, swooping vines, soaring birds - a beautiful, perfect paradise. Wonderland represents a world that feels unattainable when you are battling depression or anxiety. It represents your ultimate goal, your future, and your dreams. The collection is a reminder that it is never too late to create the life you always envisioned, and your goals are always attainable, no matter how out of reach they may feel.

'Fairytale' Locket

The Fairytale Locket is a 'window' scene - the locket sees you gazing into 'Wonderland', the magical world of butterflies, vines, and enchanted creatures. The 'window' creating a veil over Wonderland is symbolic of fearing your Wonderland (whether it be your dreams, your smaller goals) is out of reach, and you're simply an outsider. This locket is hinged, with Wonderland's window being able to open and unveil Wonderland as a reminder that you are able to achieve your dreams and goals, and that your Wonderland is within reach.

Georgina Yvonne Fairytale Locket Design
Georgina Yvonne Utopia Signet Ring Design

Signet Ring

The Utopia Signet Ring, like the Fairytale Locket, is hinged as a reminder that Wonderland is within reach, and you have all of the capabilities and resilience to achieve your goals. Utopia also features a butterfly and rose on the outside of the ring. Not only are these very beautiful final touches, but they also represent pieces of Wonderland reaching you even before you open the 'window'. This is a subtle reminder that 'Wonderland' is there all along (your goals and dreams are your destiny), even when you think you're far from reaching it.

'Bird Song' Earrings

The remainder of the Wonderland Collection is a look into Wonderland itself. The Bird Song Earrings feature two swallows, and represent the freedom that Wonderland brings. These earrings also feature pear sapphire drops - they represent 'the blues' i.e. you had to go through the tough times to reach the great times! These earrings are definitely the star of the Wonderland Collection - their beautiful, intricate detail on the wings translated from Georgina's sketches, to the CAD, and finally to the final piece. The attention to detail is what sets these earrings apart, and make them truly one of a kind.

Georgina Yvonne Bird Song Earrings Design
Georgina Yvonne Enchanted Forest Ring Design

'Enchanted Forest' Toi et Moi Ring

The Enchanted Forest Ring is a Toi et Moi design - this style originated in the late 1700s, and represents love. Georgina very much wanted this ring to have dual meaning - it features in Georgina's 'engagement ring' section as well as 'jewellery' section because not only can this ring indicate the love between two individuals, but it can also indicate self love. Self love is the ultimate goal of the Wonderland Collection - these pieces should inspire you to remember your potential, to cherish this life that you've been given, and make you feel strong, resilient and powerful. 

Georgina Yvonne Bed of Roses Earrings Design

'Bed of Roses' Earrings

The Bed of Roses Earrings are another glimpse into the Wonderland world, showing swooping vines and beautiful rose detail. They also feature little blue sapphires dotted around the 'wreath'. The roses again represent love, and Georgina's hope for this is that you can relate this to self love or the love that you share with a partner who has helped you through difficult times. The swooping vines are symbolic of finding peace of mind within nature - Georgina prides a great deal of her healing, not only on creating art, but also on spending time with nature, on forest walks and getting out into the sunshine.

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