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Georgina Yvonne 'Berry' Engagement Ring, 18ct yellow gold pear lab grown diamond engagement ring

Jewellery can be a big commitment and we know this! Georgina will check in after delivery to ensure you are 100% happy with your jewellery. If for any reason you need to return your jewellery, you have 30 days to do so. In this case, please contact Georgina to make her aware and she will arrange next steps.

Your jewellery piece will go through inspection, and providing the piece is in the same perfect condition as it was delivered, a full refund will be offered. 

For items which are returned faulty, an inspection will be carried out to determine whether the repair is within our lifetime warranty. 


Return Policy

Lifetime Warranty

The lifetime warranty covers the following:

- Repairs needed for manufacturer faults of any Georgina Yvonne Jewellery piece  (these would be incredibly rare - a thorough quality check is given ahead of delivery, however, if you feel there has been a manufacturer fault, an inspection will be carried out at the workshop to determine what has happened. 

- Ring resizes of Georgina Yvonne rings (Georgina can offer a ring resize up/down 1-2 ring sizes. The warranty can only cover one resize, and Georgina would not recommend multiple resizes regardless (this can affect the structure of the ring and make for a thinning solder join). For any sizings outwith the 1-2 size range, please contact Georgina for advice. Please note, this applies only for rings where the shank is resizable (may not be resizable if design goes too far down the band, if the band is way or twisted) - please contact Georgina for details of your ring before purchase.

- General upkeep of your jewellery piece over the years - please contact Georgina at any time to arrange a clean/polish of your jewellery piece. 

- Advice and support along the way! Georgina believes all clients are clients for life, so please don't hesitate to email over any questions, worries or concerns you might have regarding your jewellery.  


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