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Georgina Yvonne Platinum Wonderland 'Fairytale' Locket

Wonderland Platinum 'Fairytale' Locket


Platinum 'Fairytale' Locket from Georgina Yvonne's 'Wonderland' Collection, with beautiful fairyland detail including butterflies, flowers, leaves and mushrooms. 


The Fairytale Locket is a 'window' scene - the locket sees you gazing into 'Wonderland', the magical world of butterflies, vines, and enchanted creatures. The 'window' creating a veil over Wonderland is symbolic of fearing your Wonderland (whether it be your dreams, your smaller goals) is out of reach, and you're simply an outsider. This locket is hinged, with Wonderland's window being able to open and unveil Wonderland as a reminder that you are able to achieve your dreams and goals, and that your Wonderland is within reach.


Available as made to order.


18 inch platinum trace chain. 

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