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Georgina Yvonne Wonderland 'Utopia' Yellow Gold Signet Ring

Wonderland 'Utopia' Yellow Gold Signet Ring


18ct yellow gold 'Utopia' Signet Ring from Georgina Yvonne's 'Wonderland' Collection, with rose, butterfly, mushroom and foliage detail, enclosed by a hinged 'window'. 


The Utopia Signet Ring, like the Fairytale Locket, is hinged as a reminder that Wonderland is within reach, and you have all of the capabilities and resilience to achieve your goals. Utopia also features a butterfly and rose on the outside of the ring. Not only are these very beautiful final touches, but they also represent pieces of Wonderland reaching you even before you open the 'window'. This is a subtle reminder that 'Wonderland' is there all along (your goals and dreams are your destiny), even when you think you're far from reaching it.


Size UK L - can be resized slightly, please reach out to Georgina before purchase to discuss resize requirements and check what is possible. 






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